Child Find

The first five years of your child's development are crucial. The Child Find team at Delta County School District is available to provide free screenings and evaluations for all children birth to 5 years of age that are suspected of having a developmental delay or disability. These screenings can answer many questions about your child's development, and are intended to identify children who may need extra support.

The Child Find team includes members from all departments, including Early Childhood Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, an Audiologist and a Registered Nurse.

Child Find also works in conjunction with Community Options to serve children birth to three years of age.

Child Find Notice

The Delta County School District has an ongoing “Child Find” system, which is designed to locate, identify and evaluate any child residing within its geographical boundaries who may have a disability and be in need of Special Education or 504 services. This includes children who are not in school; those who are in public, private, or home school; those who are highly mobile such as children who are migrant or homeless; and those who are advancing from grade to grade, who may need but are not receiving Special Education or 504 services.

The Delta County School District will make sure any child enrolled in its district who qualifies for Special Education or 504 services, regardless of how severe the disability, is provided appropriate Special Education or 504 services at no cost to the parents of the child. If you know of a child who lives within the boundaries of the Delta County School District, who may have a disability, and may need but is not receiving Special Education or 504 services, please contact Sandie Jungers, Special Services Director, at 874-7607.

“Child Find” activities will continue throughout the school year. As part of these efforts the Delta County School District will use screening information, student records, and basic assessment information it collects on all children in the District to help locate those children who have a disability and need Special Education or 504 services. Any information the District collects through “Child Find” is maintained confidentially.