NEW RESEARCH - Students MUST make mistakes to grow & learn in math. Jo Boaler shares the power of MIndset and brain science.

Enjoy these sites that will grow your math brain

• Hour of Code - Learn how to program code to accomplish a task

Math Forum all things math including Ask Dr. Math

Math Doodles link to download math game appsfor kids

Aunty Math challenges for K-5 learners

Cool Math Comprehensive math site

Math Humor Jokes, stories, riddles, limericks

Figure This math challenges for families *available in Spanish

• Hip Pocket Change - US Mint site with money games

• NRICH - Enriching strategy games and intriguing math problems

Math Cats activities in an interactive blackboard style

Absurd math Prealgebra from another dimension

Fibonacci numbers and the golden section - basic introduction

Fibonacci sequence - funfacts, history and links to advanced applications in music, art and more

How to Calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs

Web Sudoku - Multilevels of online Sudoku puzzles

Logical Fallacies and their proofs

Babylonian mathematics How did the ancients use math?

Problem of the Week Internet Math Contest with 4 levels

Numb3rs - TV show and weekly math problems based on that week's episode's math - An excellent source for high level problems

Polyhedra hundreds of paper models



Math Oriented Web Links for Students

Math Skills

Math Tips and Tricks - fun mental math secrets like "beat the calculator"

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - use online, or download the app for virtual manipulatives to help solve any complex math problem.

• Professor Garfield - skills games

Skills help for K-8 students Extend your learning or fill in "holes" in your math skills

Every Day Math resources K-5 Explore fun online manipulatives

Soft School K-8 math games and more

Brightstorm Video homework help and lessons Algebra 1 through Calculus, requires registration

Explore Math Advanced concepts defined and explained

Discovery School Homework help, step-by-step math help

Math and Art Connections

M.C. Escher Mathematics of art, tesselations, geometry & spatial relations

Fractal Art Gallery Arguably the most beautiful fractal gallery in the world with more than 700 fractals

What are Fractals? - Fractals for elementary and middle schools

Fractal Geometry A Yale site with "real world" applications

Fibonacci numbers and the golden section - basic introduction

Fibonacci sequence - funfacts, history and links to advanced applications in music, art and more

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