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The GT Parent Council meets once a year to reflect on the needs of the District’s identified gifted & talented students and their parents, recommending actions to improve gifted programming and opportunities.

Beginning in 2016, parents, district administration, gifted educators and others worked together to develop a 4--year Comprehensive Program Plan, which is now posted on the CDE website. Click here to view DCSD's 2020 Plan.

Parent Council met on Monday, October 23 at the District Office. Click here for the presentation.

Last year, the DSCD GT Parent Council sponsored three informative evenings, gathering parents of gifted students together to learn, share and support one another. We explored Creativity, Gfited Brain research, learned about the Rainforest MInd.

We expect to continue this well-received series and would love to hear about your interests.

Hosted at The Creamery Arts Center, presentations will begin at 6pm, with plenty of time for questions and sharing, ending at 8 pm. Stay tuned for dates.

Some exciting projects have come out of this parent collaboration, including the Gifted and Talented Showcase, an opportunity for students to share their learning and talents. Download the 2016 GT Showcase edition of the newsletter to see some great projects and performances.

Please consider serving as a representative for your school community and help grow our GT program in a positive direction. Contact Jodeen Stephenson to become involved.

View archived notes, presentations and agendas from past meetings.

January 25, 2016 PowerPoint and notes.

March 2016 PowerPoint with notes

September 2016 PowerPoint

Archives:Agenda March 2014, Meeting notes February 2015, October 2105

Meetingnotes October 2014, Meeting notes October 2015



GT Parent Brochure

Do you have questions about Gifted Identification and Programming in Delta County Schools? Click here to download our brief informational brochure!

GT Newsletters

Beginning of the Year Parent Information Letter

This was a quarterly publication, last year. We will pick up again in November, with editions focusing on high school, middle school and elementary school programs as well as special events.

The January edition focused on High school students and programs Our November issue focused on Middle School GT cluster programs and the Question Focus Technique, while the March Edition focused on elementary programs. Our final edition highlighted end of the year excitement, in April. Check out what is happening in and around the district.

Current Edition • April 2017 - Elementary Programs

Archived -March 2017 - Cedarege High School; February 2017 Delta Middle School; April 2016 - Elementary Students reflect on Gt programs;January 2016 (Delta HS), December 2015 (MS), October 2014, April 2015, May 2015 (Showcase edition)



Parent Resources at Gifted Guru .com

Lisa Van Gemert has posted a number of intriguing resources for parents on her site Gifted

View her Parents Bill of RightsForget your Perfect Offering

& more at

An Evening with Jim Delisle - Author of Parenting Gifted Children Invest about an hour to gain inspiration about working with your gifted child.

Click below to view Jim's presentation on Gifted and Teenage, Too for insights into parenting gifted teens.



SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Gifted children can be delightful yet challenging bundles of energy, ideas and emotions. Learn more about these unique needs and some great strategies to keep everyone working together. Visit here for more information and links to support your gifted student.

Parents need support, too!

Raising healthy and well-adjusted children can be a challenge, and gifted children have a whoe set of extra characteristics. SENG is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents, teachers and students to meet their best potential. If you are interested in participating or organizing a structured SENG parent support group, please contact Jodeen Stephenson.

Click here to learn about online parent SENG support groups.


Students workign with Architect

Community member Bob McHugh designs building ideas with a group of students interested in architecture.


Enrichment Opportunities for Gifted Students

Western Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented

Stanford University EPGY Redbird Advanced Online Mathematics Courses

• National Research Center on G/T - University of Connecticut

• Davidson Institute for Talent Development

DCSD Disagreement Resolution Process

Occasionally, parents and schools disagree about identification or programming decisions regarding a student. If this should arise, DCSD has adopted the attached process and policy for resolving those issues. Download the DCSD Disagreement Resolution Process

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