Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order!!

Perils of perfectionism link

Visit Lisa Van Gemert's wonderful site, Gifted to learn more about the Perils of Perfectionism and other pressing topics for gifted students, as well as for their families and teachers.


Do you recognize yourself, or anyone you know??

In their book Letting Go of Perfect, Adelson & Wilson identify five types of perfectionist gifted kids:

The Academic Achiever: I’ll get 100 or die trying.
Aggravated Accuracy Assessors: I’ll do it over and over and over. White out was made for me!
Risk evaders: I won’t try because I think I might fail.
Controlling Image Managers: It’s not that I can’t – I just don’t want to.
Procrastinating Perfectionists: I won’t turn it in because it’s not really a zero if I chose not to do it.

Perfectionism is an occupational hazard of Giftedness. Learn more about perfectionist "styles", and some coping strategies, in this slide stack.

Failing is nothing-
getting up after you fail and trying again is everything

- Eric Jensen

FAIL Forward - and make a beautiful mess of it all!


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