Science for Students


General Topics

The Science Explorer Exploratorium Activities

Science of Everyday Life Games and virtual investigations

Science Buddies - science fair ideas, strategies and instructions

Wonderville Have you Everwondered . . .?

Cogito Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World (Johns-Hopkins)


Chemical Elements Interactive Periodic Table

Physical Science

How Stuff Works

Life Science

Science 4 Kids Agriculture Research Service

National Geographic Kids Monthly ezine for all interests

BrainPop Health, science and technology

Disect a frog tutorial



Earth Science

Eco Kids Canadian site with homework help, games and activities

Soil Net It's not just dirt!

Weather Wiz Kids Everything weather related

Emergency Preparedness Games and activities to prepare for disasters

Energy Quest Interactive everything energy, videos and novel "Devoured by the Dark"

Space Science

Astronomy for Kids An Astronomy magazine site

Astronomy - Magazine, news articles - Space and Earth Sciences

Windows to the Universe Differentiated science website for beginners/intermediate/advanced *also Spanish

Keep your eyes out for cool websites and send suggestions to

Jodeen Stephenson

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