Teacher Tricks and Tips for the Care and Feeding of Gifted Students

If you don't challenge them, they will challenge you!!

Resources for TeachersGifted Guru is a great place for teachers to begin the quest to better serve your gifted students. Lisa Van Gemert has great resources and keeps the page up to date.

Equal opprotunity to struggle


Students must make mistakes to grow in MATH ! Learn more


Dan Finkel - 5 Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching

What about those kids who won't show their work??Explain their work


We all appreciate the impact of language, social and cultural diversity in our classrooms.

How many of us have considered the true impact of brain diversity?

Inspired by the Google business model:

Learn about Genius Hour, and visit here to gather resources for your classroom



Looking for Local Support?

Differentiation • Depth & Complexity Framework • Ed Zaccaro's Challenge MathDepth & Complexity icons Delta County School District has a wide variety of resources and training available on-demand, to support classroom teachers and our gifted students. Email Jodeen or visit your school's GT Site Coordinator, to schedule your own inquiry learning, or organize some PD for your school.

Prefer to Study on Your Own?

CDE Office of Gifted Education offers a range of courses, many online, free of charge and for credit. Click here for the current listings.

Differentiated Instruction Expert Carol Tomlinson posts videos supporting implementation.

Ian Byrd posts self-starter lessons, videos, organizers to help you implement Depth & Complexity Icons and Prompts.

Byrdseed tvByrdseed TV posts challenging video lessons and problems in all subjects, for teachers and high-ability students. Many topics are available free, and a plethora are available by subscription.

Byrdseed tv samples

A few more sites to check out

Internet 4 Classrooms -Common Core aligned games and activities

MENSA for Kids - great activities, plus lists of rich literature that is particularly useful to challenge gifted readers.







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