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School Health

Communicating with parents, staff, and students is key to advocating for the academic success and achievement of your student. A comprehensive school health program facilitates positive responses to actual and potential health problems that enable students to attend and remain in school. A comprehensive program also allows us to provide health information, implement precautions for infection control, and address the emotional environment of the school to decrease violence or situations that do not promote good mental health, well-being, and learning. If a family needs assistance in obtaining medical services for their child, the nurse may be able to access the assistance of agencies that work on behalf of families or make referrals. If your child has a chronic health condition, the nurse can help in extending medical care and oversight. The nurse can assist in the development of an individual health care plan, an emergency response plan, and can let parents know when a child’s condition is changing.

News Letter

Medical & Immunization Information

CBOH has delivered two important school immunization decisions:

  1. Colorado will re-institute the Kindergarten entry and 6th grade entry immunizations starting in the 2016-17 school year:
    • Students entering Kindergarten in the new school year will be required to have the final doses of DTaP (must be at least 4 years of age), IPV (must be at least 4 years of age) as well as final doses of MMR and Varicella
    • Students entering 6th grade will be required to have a dose of Tdap (students will have received Tdap at an earlier age (minimum age to receive Tdap is 7 years) have already met this 6th grade Tdap requirement)
  2. Non-medical exemptions (religious and personal belief) will expire June 30th of every year. Non-medical exception (K through 12th grades) are to be submitted annually at each new school year.

Please go to the Vaccine Exemption page at www.colorado.gov/vaccineexemption to obtain guidance regarding exemptions for the upcoming school year.